About us

Originally an interior designer, Alishba Khilji launched her false eyelashes brand Devoue by Alishba in 2018. DevouebyAlishba.com is rapidly growing into one of the biggest brands within the false eyelashes industry in Pakistan. Described by Alishba herself as 'the most glamorous lashes in the world', celebrities and bloggers have gone crazy for the DevouebyAlishba Lashes.

Made from premium, and extremely high quality mink hair, all DevouebyAlishba.com Lashes styles are cruelty free and lightweight. They can also be re-used upto 30 times if handled correctly and carefully. Alishba Khilji herself states that with correct handling and care, she personally have gotten a lot more use out of these than that. All you have to do is to remove them carefully and put them back in the lash tray and place that tray in the lash box. DevouebyAlishba.com Lashes will turn heads wherever you go. Remember, DevouebyAlishba.com Lashes do not come with lash glue/adhesive. Every single item here at DevouebyAlishba.com is shipped with Express Worldwide delivery service. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now!